HEidelberg Supernova Model Archive

The Heidelber Supernova Model Archive is a database collecting various data from supernova simulations. Here you can find simulation snapshots, post-processed data, initial conditions and more. We provide data from hydrodynamical simulations, tracer-particle data for nuclear post-processing and radiative-transfer simulations.

If you want to make your own simulations available through this archive, please contact us and we will provide you with the means to upload your data to HEASMA.

If you make use of the data provided through this website in publications, please cite the original authors (arXiv:1706.09879) and add the following acknowledgements: “This work made use of the Heidelberg Supernova Model Archive (HESMA), https://hesma.h-its.org.”


Jan. 10, 2024 The new HESMA website is finally live! This website is currently in an early alpha stage and many features are still being developed. You can follow and contribute to the developement on the Github page. We are currently in the process of migrating all data from the old website. In case you need some models not yet migrated, the old HESMA website will still be available under old-hesma.h-its.org for some time.

Hydrodynamical simulation data

Tracer-particles for nuclear post-processing

Radiative-transfer simulations and synthetic observables