Radiative transfer model file formats: Optical spectral time series (angle-averaged): _angle_averaged_spectra.dat -Table with 1+n columns and 1+m lines specifying the optical spectral time series for n epochs on m wavelength bins. -The first line defines the time of the n epochs for which spectra have been calculated (time in days since explosion, the first 0.00 is a dummy value). -The following m lines contain the fluxes for the various time steps for a given wavelength bin. The first column gives the wavelength in A, followed by n columns giving the fluxes (in units of erg/cm^2/s/A assuming a distance of 10pc). Light curves (angle-averaged): _angle_averaged_lightcurves.dat -One-line header specifying the columns -Table with 15 columns: the first column gives the time since explosion in days, the second column gives the absolute bolometric magnitude and the remaining columns give the absolute magnitudes for the bands specified in the header.